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I would just like to say my views on a certain topic of debatable truths.
I would enjoy some other peoples views and opinions as well.

People that say that they were abducted by aliens, I think are honestly people looking for a bit of attention because if you’ll notice the people that get abducted are always people that aren’t exactly at their highest point in life.

Now, just because I have said that does NOT (AND I REPEAT NOT) mean I do not believe in aliens because if the universe is as big as everyone on earth believes it is then realistically it is impossible for there to be no other life out there.

Bt, i they had the ability to travel millions of light-years across the known universe I would think that they would either A) take us all and use us as slaves (kind of on the same line that white people way back in time did to all African American people just be cause we were more “sophisticated and technologically advanced” (BS, no one is better than another)) or B) leave us the @#%$ alone because interference would be very wrong or C) just kill us all to prevent our destructive and chaotic ways off our own planet either way that is my view on ET talk so please read this and respond and give me your thoughts and opinions so that we may all benefit from some Intellectual “conversation”

Deviantally yours,
Well i haven't put anything on yet so fingers crossed
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April 10, 2007
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